When we reach the Executive Search?

Publication date: Tuesday, January 5, 2016
When we reach the Executive Search?

It is not in a good taste for the HR Manager or Specialist to reach directly the candidate positioned high in the structures of competitors. It is not fair that we try to drag a candidate on our side, and thus weaken the competition. The story is completely different, if the external consultant is taking care of it. Although the result is the same.

Theoretically, all you can do yourself, but in some cases it may cost us a lot. Well, that much? How much exactly? Presidents of companies, squeezed to the wall by a weak economy, focus only on numbers. Thus, only numbers can persuade them to lift the blockade recruitment panel which is often assumed, even when the Polish branch generate profits. And here I have great news for you. Well, recruitment costs can easily convert. /.../

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