Monika Ciesielska, appointed a Board Member of IMSA International

Publication date: Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Monika Ciesielska, appointed a Board Member of IMSA International
New Board was appointed, during IMSA International Executive Search conference, which took place May 23 - 24th 2013 at Ferrara, Italy. The position of the President is still being held by Swiss representative, Cedric Meister. At the same time, Monika Ciesielska was selected a new Board Member and will be responsible in IMSA for the Eastern European markets.

During the meeting, representatives of 22 countries, have been sharing information referring to the economic situation in particular countries and the changes which are on in the personnel counseling business. A new IMSA member - Mauritius, has been accepted and joined the organization, together with lately taken representatives of USA, Denmark and Sweden.

Dynamical expansion of IMSA, confirms its strong foundations, created for serving recruitment globally, basing on professional knowledge and experience of local recruitment experts. The aim of IMSA members is to exchange recruitment projects, which due to ihis international network of offices, might be fulfilled by a local head hunters, who understand the specific of particular market and its realities.

Due to IMSA memberships, Carpenter had a chance to realize recruitments commissioned by Belgium, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Germany. In most cases, the contracts are being negotiated globally, with regional managers of Human Resources Departments.

IMSA International Executive Search is running continuously for 20 years, organizing meetings for its members twice a year. Next meeting is planned for Autumn 2013.