IMSA meeting in India

Publication date: Thursday, November 24, 2011
IMSA meeting in India November 10th-11th, 2011 in Mumbai, India, we have joined the meeting of the IMSA International Executive Search - an international association of companies that specialize in recruitment of managers and top executives. The meeting was attended by representatives of 17 countries of the world. Carpenter Consulting for the fourth time represented Poland insied this organization.

India delighted us with its colors, warmth and openness of residents, as well as extraordinary monuments and high quality handmade products. Despite the huge crowds on the streets of Mumbai, where 18 million people live, and an additional 2 million commute to work every day, our Indian partners made ​​it possible for us to exchange business experiences and gave us the opportunity to explore this interesting city. After staying in Mumbai, one we're sure, even the worst traffic jams in Warsaw is a breeze :)

During business sessions, we shared information about the economic situation in each country. Unfortunately, information from our European neighbors, do not fill us with optimism. The economic crisis we all feel. Unfortunately, this is a signal that the economic slump may also affect Poland. Once again we showed out strenght in fulfilling the international exchange projects, working for the last 6 months intensively with clients from Belgium and Italy. The substantive part of the meeting ended up replacing the symbolic plaques that each country received in connection with the 20th anniversary of the organization of IMSA International Executive Search.

Next meeting of IMSA will be held in May in Poland!