How to reach the K2 summit in democratically managed organization

How to reach the K2 summit in democratically managed organization

Thursday, May 17, 2018 @Monika Ciesielska

Most of the candidates, which I am interviewing, while being asked about their style of managing people, provide me with an answer, that it is a democratic one. But is it really? In general you can say so, but in reality it is always the boss, who is making the final decision and choosing the solution from those proposed by others. In corporations, medium and small companies, the boss is closing the brain storming session and points the project, which will be a priority. Some people say, that a good boss, will moderate the discussion in a way, that allows him to achieve his own goals and in addition make people think, that it was their common decision.

 But what if you need to deal with 23 bosses?

That is exactly what I am facing, having a privilege of taking the seat of the President at IMSA International Executive Search, global network of headhunting companies. The aim of IMSA is to associate headhunting, boutique, privately-owned firms, with the exclusive representation one firm by one country. We are 23 countries at the moment, what basically means, that we are 23 Managing Directors within IMSA, representing different cultures, coming from different business environment, sharing different views. Some of us are very mature, with even 30 years of experience in headhunting business, some have opened their owned business only few years ago. We differ from each other, and so are our expectations towards IMSA.

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