Double success in the industry business

Double success in the industry business

Thursday, September 1, 2016 @Monika Ciesielska

A very interesting project, was carried out for our client from the industry sector. We received an order for acquiring candidate for the position of the Sales Director. The role was related to managing a direct sales team, in cooperation with the distributor. The sale concerned machinery of the high value, and was based on the relations with the Clients, combined with the technical knowledge and competencies. Short Listed candidates were interesting enough, to make our client taking a decision of splitting the business into two product divisions and hiring not one, but two of the recommended candidates.

The result of this recruitment, illustrates the quality of our recommendations. Candidates who get on the Short List, represent a high level of competencies and are comparable in this respect. This applies to both, hard and soft aspects, such as adapting to corporate culture, personality features, or the idea on sales and management strategy and its further execution.  Our clients thus have the opportunity to choose a candidate based on the nuances and feelings, which are the most difficult to define.

To our candidates, we wish much success!