Corporation or your own business?

Publication date: Monday, October 21, 2013
Corporation or your own business? Author: Krzysztof Domaradzki,

Corporations evoke extreme emotions: some people associate them with slavery while others think of them as safe havens. Running your own business has definitely more positive connotations, however, being an entrepreneur is not meant for everybody. Hence, the key to success consists in making the right choice. /…/

‘However, if somebody is not certain which group they belong to (i.e. pro- or anti corporate), they should try their hand at working for a large organization – otherwise they may not know the answer. This may not only make the decision about their future easier but it may also offer numerous valuable experiences which could otherwise be unavailable. Corporations have access to the know-how, training courses, they facilitate networking with people from whom a lot can be learnt and with whom knowledge can be exchanged. When we run our own business, exchange of information does not occur with such intensity. And this is a very valuable thing,’ evaluates Monika Ciesielska assesses.

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