Carpenter Consulting 10. anniversary!

Publication date: Saturday, October 3, 2015
Carpenter Consulting 10. anniversary!

With great pleasure, we would like to announce, that today, October 3rd 2015, Carpenter Consulting is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

The whole decade of fulfilling the recruitment projects of senior and middle management is behind us. 10 years of cooperating with Clients and Candidates, who made our work full of satisfaction, professional fulfillment, and emotional in a way that gave us wings. While recruiting managers, our goal is to change the professional situation of the recommended Candidate for better. Therefore, we try to cooperate with credible and reliable Clients, who put on employee's development and want to attract the best ones from the market. Those best ones are - experienced, motivated, focused on self-development candidates, whom we do recommend. Constantly we are successful, and so our Clients work with us consistently for years.

What do we wish to ourselves? To meet wise, experienced people, interested in telling us their professional story. Those who will delight our Clients. Because there is no greater satisfaction for us, than to hear from the Candidate at the end of the process: "thank you, that you have reached me".

On behalf of all Carpenter's Consultants, I would like to thank all of our Clients and Candidates for opportunity of cooperation. It was a pleasure to work for you and with you. We are hoping to get as many opportunities like that in the future.

With compliments, Monika Ciesielska
Managing Partner at Carpenter Consulting