Are the big brands doing e-commerce or eCommerce?

Are the big brands doing e-commerce or eCommerce?

Friday, June 22, 2018 @Monika Ciesielska

I recently had the opportunity to recruit an Online Marketing Manager for a global brand, very much recognisable in the traditional world of retail. It was a very interesting exercise, giving me the opportunity to thoroughly "scan" the digital market, which I often check and gather the latest information on the availability of candidates representing the expected expertise in the field of  e-commerce.

/.../ During our research, we naturally reached candidates from retail, but not exclusively. We were also interested in the telecommunications industry, which is a difficult topic in the field of e-commerce. In this case, what impressed was the number of users to whom the Candidates addressed company’s communication: 1-10M users.

The experience of candidates related to managing people, unfortunately, was not satisfying enough. In many cases, the candidates could boast of managing a one-man team consisting in the assistant and additionally cooperating with subcontractors. Organizations prefer micro teams and rely on the expertise of one person and the entities cooperating with him.

It was also interesting to examine the market in terms of the candidates’ financial expectations. In the case of the retail industry, the basic salary is about PLN 17,000 gross per month, in the case of the telco industry - about PLN 21,000 gross per month.