War for talent

Publication date: Tuesday, April 10, 2007
War for talent Author: Jakub Gilewicz, Polska Presse

The equation is simple: a talented employee develops their potential and the company benefits from it. Talent management – as this is the name of the equation – is used by more and more Polish employers. Experts are in agreement: companies which do not invest in talents lose the name of a good employer as well as losing prospective talented employees.

‘Excellent salaries, ideal atmosphere at work, extra training. This sound like fantastic conditions to me!’ admits Adam Fira, student of Electrical Engineering and Automation who has been working for ASTE for a few months. Adam is the apple of Andrzej Stelmasiewicz’s eye. Stelmasiewicz is the CEO of ASTE and has picked Adam up on internship in ASTE.

‘Young, talented, and with good prospects,’ the CEO praises his subordinate. He adds immediately: ‘We have employed Adam because we invest in talents.’ ASTE, an importer of specialist cabling does not intent to stop just there. The company has prepared a talent management strategy for other people like Adam. The strategy includes upgrading qualifications, new and systematically more responsible projects, as well as a system of promotions and salary rises.

‘Because the employer knows very well that to have talent in the company is priceless,’ assesses Monika Ciesielska, Director of Carpenter Consulting. According to experts, talents are most often managed in two ways: the company comes up with a development scheme or employees are managed intuitively.