Promotions at Carpenter

Publication date: Thursday, January 17, 2013
Promotions at Carpenter
We have welcomed New Year with some positive changes inside of the company, which definetely made us proud. 

Monika Balawender associated with Carpenter from the beginning of her career, who also held an internship at Carpenter, was promoted to the independent position of Executive Search Consultant. Monika is a psychology graduate from the University of Social Siences and Humanities in Warsaw. In the area of her ​​professional interest are social psychology and the psychology of business. 

Another promotion inside of the company, is employment as an independent Executive Search Consultant of Katarzyna Zegadlo, whom just like Monica, took the internship at Carpenter, and after that, under the guidance of company's partners, was developing her competencies by fulfilling various recruitment processes. Katarzyna is a psychology graduate from the University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin. 

Currently, both Monika and Katarzyna, are independly conducting recruitments for middle management and specialized positions, as well as working together with company's partners by assisting them within recruitments of top executives. 

An internship at Carpenter Consulting has carried out a large variety of tasks. Interns assist the Senior Consultants on projects, participate in meetings, observe participants of asssessments. That gives a basis to start working full-time for a consulting firm and develop their competence in this area, as well as enables to start conducting independent projects much faster. 

We wish Monica and Kate all the best! :)