IMSA meeting in Malmö

Publication date: Friday, July 31, 2015
IMSA meeting in Malmö

In early June 2015, a meeting of IMSA International Executive Search took place. This time, IMSA members met in Sweden - Malmö.

During the meeting, the economic situation in individual markets around the globe was discussed. It was good to hear that after the last crisis, in principle, most Member feels the positive effects of accelerating economies. A significant change in the composition of the Board took place as well. Longtime president of IMSA - Cedric Meister, decided to terminate his successful presidency. On the way of voting, a new leader was chosen - Hard Olav Bastiansen, a member from Norway. The members of the board were changed at the same time. In the ranks of the board appeared the representative of the United States - Kathleen Daffy Ibara. Monika Ciesielska from Carpenter Consulting, remained on the position of board member which she holds since 2 years.

Additionally, appeared a new member of IMSA in South America. The candidature of Colombia was accepted by all. The next meeting of IMSA will be held in November, in Hong Kong.

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