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Monika Ciesielska

Managing Partner / Recruitment

An expert in recruitment and evaluating

the competences of management staff.  A head hunter.


For more than a decade, has been successfully recruiting

and auditing managerial competence at the highest level

for both international and Polish corporations.


Founder of Carpenter Consulting.

President at global network IMSA International Executive Search.

President of the advisory board at Elevato Software.


Management graduate from the Warsaw School

of Economics, as well as finance from the

University of Gdańsk. She holds a number

of press releases in business titles, such as:

Forbes, Puls Biznesu, Newsweek, Personel Plus,

Personel i Zarządzanie.


Monika is collector of contemporary art,

a passionate horse rider

and since recently, a fan of aviation.


Mum of a babygirl - Sophie.

Monika Ciesielska
IMSA Search Among the Top 30 Global Executive Search Providers 03.06.2019

IMSA Search Global Partners, an international network founded in Switzerland more than 25 years ago, was named one of the top global senior level executive search firms. “Each solution is enriched with the force of cultural diversity. That is the backbone of our success.” says Monika Ciesielska, IMSA Search President, commenting on the debut in the Global 30 Ranking by Hunt Scanlon.

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Report on Executive Trends 2019 16.01.2019

Predicting the trends for C-level managers and multinational companies is always a tricky task, correlated with constant change of the world as we know it. At first glance – the economy engines for the year 2019 are still up and running. Despite good perspectives, there are some major turbulences the top management should be aware of. The feeling of an inevitable shift brings more and more questions about the future of C-level management and its workspace. What will shape the C-level top talents global workspace and work environment in 2019? Mediating between Millennials, digital nomads, top talents from different cultures? The question was answered by the C-level head hunters from the IMSA Search, the global executive search network. IMSA Search presents “The Report on Executive Trends 2019”.

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Three faces of ghosting: emotional, employee and recruitment 08.05.2019 @Monika Ciesielska

The term ghosting appeared in corporations around 2 years ago. Candidates, representing various professions, mainly specialists, began a process that shocked at the beginning, to very quickly become the norm, and even a trend. Not to show up for a job interview and not even having the courtesy to say so? Such a situation would have been unthinkable at one time. Meanwhile, HR departments and recruiters complain that at the moment this is simply a normal occurrence.

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Customer Exeprience in the times of non-working Sundays 03.02.2019 @Monika Ciesielska

Some recruitments stay inside us for longer. For various reasons. In this case the client came to me from the neighboring office. Our companies are located at Rondo 1 in Warsaw. He admitted that up to now he had worked with headhunters strictly specialized in real estate, however this time he needed a company that also scours through other markets, as the position did not touch upon investments, real estate management or leasing, just marketing.

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Case study: recruiting Drive Solutions CVT Manager for Continental 29.12.2017

Continental, a leading global automotive manufacturing company specialising in tyres, brake systems, interior electronics, chassis and fuel usage optimisation, approached Carpenter Consulting for help in search of a Drive Solutions CVT (Commercial Vehicle Tyres) Manager. The search project was conducted due to planned roll-out into new markets (including Poland) of an innovative Continental’s solution called Integrated Fleet Management (IFM).

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Individual career development plan - the dream of middle and senior management 12.05.2017

During interviewing with candidates for managerial positions, one of the interesting topics is motivation to changing the job. The most common answer is the opportunity for professional development and the challenges, that the organization offers to the newly-emplyoed. By deepening the topic of professional development, we come straight to individual development plans, where managers notice many benefits for themselves.

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Life in balance requires courage 29.12.2016

A clear demarcation between work​, home, and passion takes courage - but the change ​it brings, is worth it. An interview for the CXO.pl., with Monika Ciesielska-Rutkowska, Managing Partner of Carpenter Consulting, was conducted by Grzegorz Stech. - Do Polish managers actually know how to work? According to the studies, Polish work an average of 10 hours per day, we are one of the most intense working nations, and also the least effective. So if that's how the work look like, how do we take a rest?

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Tennis is a combination of passion with business 09.05.2016

We want a reasonable balance between how much time we devote to work and how much to our family and the development of our passions. The problem is that in many companies expectations for engagement and productivity are increasing. On the one hand, the performance bar is being raised every year, on the other hand we talk more and more about the Work Life Balance. An interview with Monika Ciesielska in the magazine "The Polish Tennis".

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Lemon and Marathon

Koń Lemon fot. Andrzej Rutkowski

Lemon and Marathon

Lemon ​and Marathon are the lovely English thoroughbred horses, stationed at the Racecourse of Służewiec (Warsaw). Since 2010, we provide our horses with bed and breakfast, which are in translation: an extensive paddock and systematic supplies of carrots. Both Lemon and Marathon are injured, what basically means, that we only can spoil them. And that we do with pleasure.

Lemon is extremely enthusiastic about people and horses, but has only one friend and it is Marathon. Lemon, although is very friendly, has a very strong and dominant character. He is the ringleader of escapes from the paddock. However, always makes sure that his friend is not lost and keeps his eye on him.

Both Lemon and Marathon, are honorary horse blood donors. They already rescued many horses' lives. We are pleased, that such a fantastic horses are the face, and in fact - the mouth of Carpenter Consulting. 


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      Executive Search
Carpenter Consulting - IMSA Poland is steadily growing since 2005, as an expert in the area of assessing competencies of top and middle level of managers. As a Polish memeber of IMSA International Executive Search, we fulfill recrutiment projects internationaly.