A man and the firm

Made for each other

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We are looking for accurate, well-organized person who has knowledge of financial rules and experience in working for an international organization.
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Purchasing Analyst
We are searching for the person with highly developed analytical and negotiation skills, being responsible for cooperating with suppliers and analyzing Company's purchasing requirements.
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Account Manager
An international company from the paper industry is looking for creative and dynamic person who has experience in managing sales processes.
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Monika Ciesielska-Rutkowska

Managing Partner / Recruitment

An expert in recruitment and evaluating

the competences of management staff.  A head hunter.


For more than a decade, has been successfully recruiting

and auditing managerial competence at the highest level

for both international and Polish corporations.?

Founder of Carpenter Consulting.

Board Member of IMSA International Executive Search.


Management graduate from the Warsaw School

of Economics, as well as finance from the

University of Gdańsk.

She holds a number of press releases

in business titles, such as: Forbes, Puls

Biznesu, Newsweek, Personel Plus,

Personel i Zarządzanie.


Monika is collector of contemporary art,

a passionate horse rider

and since recently, a fan of aviation.


Mum of a babygirl - Sophie.

Magdalena Krawczak

Managing Partner / ?Sales

An expert in sales and building development strategy.


In 18 years with T-Mobile, went from info-line consultant

to Regional Director of B2B Sales.Has been in charge

of large projects for Fortune 500 clients.

Has distinguished herself and been awarded

for the outstanding results she achieves.


Always committed and focused on the Client's needs.

Magdalena is a specialist in building long-term

business relations, with special attention

to increasing satisfaction of the Client

from the quality of services.


Magdalena is an art lover and art historian.

A collector of contemporary sculpture.


Mum of Milena and Miłosz.


A movie about Carpenter Consulting 01.12.2016

We have recorded a short film about us - the headhunters of Carpenter Consulting. We made it for our Clients and Candidates, to make them able to get to know us closer. Usually we are the ones asking questions. This time, we stood on the other​ side, trying to give an answers ​to the way we do business and the goals ​we meet. Our ​Clients told about how it is to work with us, and we introduced ourselves, both professionally and privately.

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Magdalena Krawczak announced a Partner at Carpenter Consulting 23.11.2016

We are more than happy to make an announcement about Magdalena Krawczak joining Carpenter Consulting, as its new Partner, with the responsibility for Company's sales and development. Magdalena is a former Regional Director of B2B Sales of T-Mobile Poland, where she spent 18 years and was in charge of large projects for Fortune 500 clients.

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Increasing staffing needs in regional structures 23.09.2016 @Monika Ciesielska

With a great pleasure we observe the changes that occur in the structures of our client. These changes concern the extension of managerial responsibility to other countries of the Eastern wall, which are attached to the region managed from Poland. The transformation that occurs, is also a cause of increasing staffing needs, what we as a provider of recruitment services, are continuously fulfilling.

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Double success in the industry business 01.09.2016 @Monika Ciesielska

A very interesting project, was carried out for our client from the industry sector. We received an order for acquiring candidate for the position of the Sales Director. The role was related to managing a direct sales team, in cooperation with the distributor. Short Listed candidates were interesting enough, to make our client taking a decision of splitting the business into two product divisions and hiring not one, but two of the recommended candidates.

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Tennis is a combination of passion with business 09.05.2016

We want a reasonable balance between how much time we devote to work and how much to our family and the development of our passions. The problem is that in many companies expectations for engagement and productivity are increasing. On the one hand, the performance bar is being raised every year, on the other hand we talk more and more about the Work Life Balance. An interview with Monika Ciesielska in the magazine "The Polish Tennis".

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When we reach the Executive Search? 05.01.2016

It is not in a good taste for the HR Manager or Specialist to reach directly the candidate positioned high in the structures of competitors. It is not fair that we try to drag a candidate on our side, and thus weaken the competition. The story is completely different, if the external consultant is taking care of it. Although the result is the same.

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Recidivists 09.11.2015

The corporation is not a prison, you can escape from it. Only coming back is hard. If you eventually succeed, you land on a lower position. The corporations are more than 5 million Poles, one third of all workers. They are indicated by many as the best place to make a career.

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Is it worthwhile to nurture candidates’ satisfaction? 26.02.2014

‘I did not receive any feedback following the recruitment process,’ ‘The consultant stopped answering my calls,’ ‘We agreed to get in touch during the week but only silence ensued,’ these are the most frequent comments and opinions voiced by candidates who participate in recruitment processes. Simultaneously, every recruitment agent insists that feedback is given. It is difficult to establish the truth.

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Koń Lemon fot. Andrzej Rutkowski

Lemon, a horse

Lemon is a lovely English thoroughbred horse (pictured on the left), stationed at the Racecourse of Służewiec (Warsaw). Since 2010, we provide Lemon with bad and breakfast, which are: an extensive paddock and systematic supplies of carrots. Lemon is a horse injured, what basically means that we only can spoil him. And that we do with pleasure.

Lemon is extremely enthusiastic about people and horses, but has only one friend . It is Marathon (pictured on the right), an English thoroughbred horse as well. Lemon, although is very friendly, has a very strong and dominant character. He is the ringleader of escapes from the paddock. However, always makes sure that his friend is not lost and keeps his eye on him.

Both Lemon and Marathon, are honorary horse blood donors. They already rescued many horses' lives. We are pleased that such a fantastic horse is the face, and in fact the mouth of Carpenter Consulting. 

More info: Carpenter Consulting on Facebook


IMSA International  
      Executive Search
Carpenter Consulting - IMSA Poland is steadily growing since 2005, as an expert in the area of assessing competencies of top and middle level of managers. As a Polish memeber of IMSA International Executive Search, we fulfill recrutiment projects internationaly.