Carpenter to be the patron of art

Publication date: Saturday, December 6, 2008
Carpenter to be the patron of art First vernissage of the 4Beauty Art Gallery took place on December 4th 2008 at the XIXth century Sobanscy Palace in Warsaw. The patron of the vernissage was the Carpenter Consulting.

More than a 100 guests representing business, art and media have admired modern art paintings of Beata Pflanz, Iwan Kulik, Gagik Parsamjan and Jerzy Treit. The exposition was connected with the multimedia presentation of 28 art works of the Artists co-operating with the 4Beauty Art Gallery.

The vernissage has been organized as the cocktail party for invited guests only. Among invited guests appeared the Clients co-operating with the Carpenter Consulting. The event was led by the CEO of the Carpenter Consulting - Monika Ciesielska.

We invite you to see the photos gallery from the vernissage.